HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Solution
Optimize and augment patient experience with online consultations.
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How it Works

Clinical Practice
Leverages one touch video consultations and online prescriptions.

Virtual Doctor's
Includes online waiting rooms and LIVE chat to improve the overall patient experience.

Telehealth Solution
Supports remote patient encounters and assists patients to collect prescribed medicines from their nearby pharmacy

About GoGoCare
GoGoCare, is a HIPAA- compliant cloud- based telehealth application.

Our vision is to spearhead the digital transformation in the healthcare industry without losing focus on the human factor in healthcare. We endeavour to map existing healthcare services to a futuristic healthcare delivery model leveraging telehealth technology.

GoGoCare, the cloud- based telehealth application coupled with on-demand services to optimize and augment doctor- patient encounters in a virtual doctor's office. The HIPAA - compliant app improves the revenue outcomes for doctors and health outcomes for patients irrespective of their locations.

Doctors and patients can now connect with each other in compliance with existing clinical best practices within a shorter turnaround time through our GoGoCare app.
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